Merriam-Webster Dictionary offers ten definitions of the word “plot,” which is both a noun and a verb. We find resonance with all ten*:

* except that regarding the fourth definition, none of our plans are evil.



  1. a small area of planted ground, like a vegetable plot


  3.  the plan or main story (as of a movie or literary work)

  4. [perhaps a back-formation from the French complot ] a secret plan for accomplishing a usually evil or unlawful end INTRIGUE

  5. a graphic representation (such as a chart)



  1. to make a plot, map, or plan of

  2. to lay out in plots (see PLOT entry 1 sense 1)

  3. to locate (a point) by means of coordinates

  4. to plan or contrive especially secretly

  5. to invent or devise the plot of (something, such as a movie or a literary work)